Trish Razote — Calgary, Canada

This woman is so cold inside and out, There is no heart or soul in this b***h either. She only wants to date you for the sole purpose of giving you some deadly s**t that will ruin and take your life, And the sad thing is you won’t even see it coming and there is not a d**n thing you are going to be able to do about it, Except when you are dead you will finally be free again from this evil w***e. She will ruin your whole life and your friendships I mean f*****g everything. Whatever you do please avoid her at all costs, please.

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  1. Trish is trash and she knows it. She tries to treat everyone like she hates to be treated yet can’t seem to stop herself. She has real issues. She was given a drd and now knowingly passes it along to anyone stupid enough to f**k her without a rubber.

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