Tia Ellyssa — Winnipeg, Canada

I understand we are all only human but come on now. I caught Tia Ellyssa having an orgy with 9 guys they were f*****g her in her mouth her a*s and her p***y. They were treating her like total trash w***e and I don’t understand how a woman could sit there and let that happen and have no respect for herself. But its okay because I respect my self enough to not to get all embarrassed about getting cheated on so yes this is my story and she is a positive carrier for HERPES now so everyone please warn your children in school because she is a local school teacher and warn your brothers and dads, whole family.

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  1. Goes by name of Francesca Tia on Facebook and cheated again on her boyfriend but this the guy lives in California. She was challenged on it and claimed her boyfriend was being crazy. 1 week later she flies back to California to spend rest of her teacher vacation with Anthony Pelayo.

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