Taylor Shelton – Windsor, Canada

This crazy b***h is dangerous stalking, She lurks around until she finds the best richest man and then she strikes. She will steal your phone so she can get all your photo’s of women off your phone. Taylor posted everyone she bullied on every website she could, This b***h deserves to die for that. Taylor makes fake accounts- uses fake names then she slanders- writes lies about nice people! She does all these bad things and then wants a pity party aww poor baby. This b***h Taylor Shelton sleeps with any and every kind of dirty person she can and then blames them for her drds and her herpes, This is how nasty she is, What an embarrassment for her family nasty c**t b***h. All she does is lie, cheats and steals. Then when all her bad things are done and over she wants pity from you, After doing all this bad stuff to you.

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