Taylin Heather Anne Mullin — Winnipeg, Canada

This used and abused thing is taylin aka “tay tay” this ugly hood rat is the ugliest girl I’ve ever met, she’s a home wreaking t**t and will try so hard to ruin other girls relationships out of jealousy, Ive known this girl for quite a while and I had her on fb, insta, and snap so when I posted pictures with my baby dad or showed off the things he got me, she added him and started flirting with him, she was telling him she doesn’t want him seeing his daughter anymore and the b***h was mad because me and my daughters dad were still together. I found out she was talking to him because she deleted me off everything 😂 Shes mad because her baby dad filled her up with c*m and left. She’ll do anything for a gram of cannabis or a perc. She popped out a kid at the age of 16, she cannot keep her legs closed, she slept with multiple guys even while she was pregnant, She couldn’t even carry her son full term, she had her son “tay”vian when she was only 6 months pregnant and she was having seizures when she first found out she was pregnant because she couldn’t give up her drug addictions. After she had her son he was in the nicu for 4 months, she was barely there for him while he was hospitalized, only went to go take pictures then went home or left the city. she left that crack baby there most of the time alone for the nurses to watch her “mistake” while she went out to go get fuked. Lmao taylins pu55y is free, all you have to do is buy the b***h an ice cream cone and give her a hoot, she’ll ask you to eat her stretch out v****a and suck you off, FIRST TIME MEETING! She’s sent multiple guys to the clinic with sores in their mouths and red burning holes in their penises. LOL TRY HARDER B***H!

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