Tara Henly – Belleville, Canada

So Tara Henley of Belleville, a broadcasting/ news grad from Loyalist, she thinks she is the hottest thing around, when shes grossly incorrect! She looks like she has flea s**t splattered all over her nasty face. This ugly ginger c*nt takes great pride in how many c0cks have slammed into her in just the first week of November alone, shown in text pic exchanged with me. Clearly if you take pride in that you ain’t proud of anything else you dumb sloore if that’s your first thing that comes to mind! I mean priorities right? haha Figures, you’d be a dumb, talentless vapid, c*nt, if the first thing you’re proud of is getting your loose cvnt pounded and then brag about it? haha well it backfired! Who brags about that? A small pitiful B*tch is all that this screams. Just meat. Honey, if you clearly have no other attributes to describe then saying your pretty thin, and how many c0cks you’ve slammed in your keyhole, you need to seriously rethink your sad life. I hope you can fill that obvious void you have, better yet, take up a real hobby, maybe it will fill that hole that your currently using c***s to fill to make you feel like someone hahaha too funny. Next up Tara Henley on the News she’ll be giving a us a 60% chance of precipitation along with 100% of her showing her t**s on camera. All Tara will amount to is some s*x anchor on some cheap declining news channel. lol

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