Sung Hwa Lee — Surrey, Canada

I got this ho the lower territory has to know! Her name is Sung Hwa Lee This chick got a vag that is more messy and spent than an open can! This chick likes to go up against wedded men and lays down with her boss, the landowner Richard who she guarantees is her bf altho he is really hitched this chick tryes to sperm jack any person that can be visually sufficiently impaired to succumb to her s**t. This ho has no ethics left she lays down with whoever in tinder as long as she gets the opportunity to have a free dinner. She professes to look for a legitimate individual yet this unscrupulous ho has been dozing around on each poor simp that takes her up on her statement, she acts like a genuine chick however she is hoping to sink and sperm-jack the following person that is sufficiently gullible to succumb to her amicable fair exterior! Enormous cautioning to anybody out there who be laying down with this urgent psycho ho! What’s more, she prides herself on supposing she is a decent liar which is mega fuked! She is a home wrecker with BPS A genuine narcissist wiped out ho This chick is out and out Borderline! She claims to be a major cash producer however the main huge thing she has is that vast spent gap between her legs. Her companions are the same, having bashes behind they pal bf’s and boasting session what number of men they stole from some spouse or defrauded new folks from they cash! This ho likes to date folks so she can trick them or simply get free s**t! A great deal like a w***e however for the most part just prefers to mislead folks and get they trust, and soon after she gets cash from some folks they simply apparition. This chick drives an audi A 4 and claims to have a great deal of cash however she is maintaining an unsustainable lifestyle and expects any person she gets to pay together for her pigeon a*5! Avoid this ho! She has different folks tainted with DRD cud have DRD as she is a debilitated ho with the standard daddy issues and a contorted detest towards any man. Unadulterated junk! This asian junk should be simmered!

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  1. Sung Hwa Lee started her career with United, cleaning planes between flights. She now works in PR, translating and promoting while she continues her education. She is seen here (pic) experimenting with a promotional effort geared towards the gambling crowd. While some would view it as clickbait, she understands the international gambling world of meen and is fighting hard to get the approval for her pet project. She will succeed, if not with this project, in the PR Dept., overall. I’ve rented to her for the last 3-yrs. and she always pays her rent on time or we trade. She helps me advertise my rental units. She’s very responsible and has wide-ranging interests, everything from narcissistic personalities to DRD’s to Audi vehicles.

  2. Hardly anyone ever notices that I;m asian, always commenting on the tie and hat. What do you think I need to do to change my image?
    Sung Hwa Lee — Surrey, Canada
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