Steven A. Miller — Calgary, Alberta

He lied that the house he lived in wasn’t his. Was debt to the tune of 40,000.00 and lied about it. He owns nothing, and lied. I was his ATM machine. He is controlling, comes o loving and cooks for you, buys you flowers, makes lunch….then boom… you catch him. Oh and the ex calls and comes to the house all the time, told him to get a restraining order he wouldn’t, this went on for 9 months finally the cops told her to stop. But he lied she was still calling him. And he lied about it and she was calling his family. Then she moved down the street…. He loves p**n, teen p**n. Caught him once outside jerking o to teen p**n. Forgave him..he did it again I left. Please run ladies, you will be the sole supporter and the alcohol omg the alcohol…will make you crazy. The lies and don’t turn your back he will be jerking off

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