Stephanie Hudson – NovaScotia, Canada

Stephanie is a laughable cheater but you don’t laugh until it’s over, then you laugh in relief and are thankful it’s over. I started laughing when she wanted another cotton candy and beer, thinking she was enjoying herself. She got defensive and said she wanted to take the cotton candy to her kid, acting like I was making fun of her eating too much and said, I’m not fat. She puts you in defense mode from the start, she’s very insecure. I thought she felt like she was doing a chore when we were having s*x, fake moans and dreaming of her big toy. She has a toy the size of a man’s fist – sorry to burst any guys illusion that he’s hung and going to tear this girl up! She will make you feel like you only have a weenie. Her kid never got the cotton candy, she ate it, got tired of carrying it around as she scanned the crowd to see who was noticing her.

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