Stacey Rivard — Winnipeg, Canada

She is a convicted sexual predator. She was arrested for having s*x with a 12-year-old boy. She went to prison for 5 years got out became a w***e. Stacey Rivard will sleep with anyone for a hit of crack, or few bucks, or for McDonald’s cheese burglar with extra onion and extra mustard, She doesn’t even care if they are married or not. She has the gift that keeps on giving, its called DRD. She will meet guys at bathroom stalls, Bars, or hotels rooms, and at her apartment in Winnipeg, Canada.

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  1. That is so true this girl is straight nasty and been dicking every nasty std d out there this wild girl needs more then just regular help she disgusting and believes me she will pass on to whatever she has on to you so if you don’t mind being sick walking
    Around with blue waffle then search her up, she’s one nasty mess

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