Stacey Rivard

This girl acts like some mature mother when clearly she has two baby’s dad one pure Native other Black she keeps seeking out more c**k to help support her nasty needy self and own needs she’ll use anyone just to get what ever she wants and seeks.. she does not care for any one cept only her poor w***e self this girl is on numerous sites to dating apps looking for her next victim she almost went to jail for life time sentence for stabbing her baby’s dad to anyone that’s out there don’t trust this wicked degrading nasty low life child she’s nothing cept a complete mess and uses her w***e ness as her advantage don’t believe a word she said . She tricked a lot of men and gave them all stds to herpes . Member this name Stacey Rivard . Most common seen around northside of salter

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  1. L***o your pathetic Andrew like anyone is going to BELEIVE any of this ridiculous bullshit lmao your the f*g who seeks meen for dirty s*x in washrooms to library’s f**k !! Such a pathetic ugly sad b***h f*g boy

    1. Andrew huh f**k that guy !! Lol you busy flexing on many on plenty of fish huh Stacey Rivard .. guess I ain’t going to support you and your well fair kids as you asked for money and help on pof from me haha you are dirty

  2. Give it up already no one will believe your retarded posts Andrew,your just a straight f*g who chasing c**k of the net meeting up for s*x or s*x trades you mental freak

  3. Ain’t that guy you think it is fam . You one ugly broad and you tried to flex on me on pof I knew somthing sounded fishy on your account haha pathetic

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