sierra st- pierre

This woman can’t seem to be loyal, says she wants me then jumps on every d**k in kingston. Made me feel bad for her because somebody attacked her with a golf club got her way and when she had everything she wanted she started f*****g around again. Don’t trust her, she uses her son to make you feel bad for her and get her way, she will tell you a new family member died every other week, she’s a pill popper and watch out for the meth pipes but anyone could tell that by looking at her. She’s not a nice person. Avoid her if you want to escape with your heart

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  1. This girl is a walking STD. Straight up trash. She belongs in the heights which is exactly where she lives, right at home with the crack heads and goofs. She tries to sell everyone broken s**t on every buy and sell website. She’s a dirty stealing lying piece of s**t.

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