Sierra Spero — Ottawa, Canada

I was at a club not long ago I met a girl named Sierra. Took her home it was sooooooo easy I found her on Instagram the next day started talking to some of her followers. Found out she just left some loser from smiths falls and is fuking every guy she comes across. Decided after finding this out I would go get checked out. Turns out this dirty slore Sierra Spero gave me an drd!!!!!!! I looked her sister up on the dirty. One of them is a floozy and the other is a dirtiest sloot in Ottawa summer spero. Watch out for these three biggest slores of Ottawa! I talked to my friend at work turns out he fuked the mom family of slores…. watch out for the Spero family they look like normal people there dad makes good money being an alcoholic for he city of Ottawa. No wonder living with 4 slores. I would drink myself into a r****d also! Hey she was a good f*k but the drds don’t go away guys! Want your d**k to fall off Sierra Spero pretty easy to find and even easier to f*k!

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  1. Dipshits hook up with this slore and don’t think anything about it until she stops returning the phone calls. No p***y today, they think, hmmmm, I know, I’ll go get tested for drd’s. Yeah, sounds like a plan. Surprise ! Now what should a dumbass do with this knowledge that just dropped? Let’s make a complaint about her loser a*s to make themselves look/feel better. You got infected a*****e.

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