Sharmane Genaille — Winnipeg, Canada

This nasty a*s b***h is so young and has already popped out 3 kids, The sad thing is who is taking care of them oh that’s right no one not even MOMMY so sad. She is so nasty she is known as a monthly w***e from Thompson Manitoba. All this b***h cares about is getting folded for booze and drugs, The only friend she has left is a fat a*s human being named Autumn who sits her fat a*s on Facebook all day filtering her pictures all day wow what a job. The real truth is she’s not much to look at herself, Besides how man boyfriends have she gone through I mean wow. Her last and on a friend is her loser cousin Jay who is basically mentally retarded and once carried drds. Knuckle up b***h if you want to talk s**t! Someone’s going to catch your dirty a*5 slipping one day and give you the beating you so highly deserve. Stay home and watch your kids, get your tubes tied and use a f*****g condom for once. Selling your a*s to all these greasy dealers for a fix…so gross!!

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