Savannah And Shouka — Vancouver, Canada

Meet Shouka and Savannah. Two of the most annoying friends on Instagram, i mean you can just go read the comments for yourselves. Where do we start, savanah is one if the biggest losers in vancouver, when her boyfriend told her to beat it she started hanging out with Jessica partying and robbing guys. Then when she realized she cant continue doing that she went back to her bf begging him to take her back cus she is broke as a joke . Without her bf she has nothing, I mean absolutely nothing. The girl is almost 30 with 0 money saved to her name. I feel bad for her bf. Shes always cheating behind his back and doing pepsi while shes with shouka and her other friends. And as for shouka, at least shes trying to do something with her life, shes not mooching off her boyfriend or trying to be a gold digger, good for her shes trying to open a up a business but she still gotta lay off the drugs and shes gotta stop photoshopping her pictures so much shes making her self look ugly. These two girls need to stop with their stupid barbie comments on each others pictures and stop showing up to fashion shows as if they’re the hadid sisters. They’re both fake bums, junkies and both cheaters. Be aware of these two girls from vancity they’re nothing but 2 liars and fake wannabes.

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