Savanna Wood — Winnipeg, Canada

This floozy Savanna Wood is so nasty she is very disgusting, She lives in a 2 bedroom house with 10 other people and it smells worse them they do sick. She has inside skin and outside skin bed bugs and lice so don’t stand too close. She is 14 years old doing all this s**t, where the h**l are the parents. She sleeps with her own brother for money and she let her other brothers with this brother run trains on her while the parents watched just plain sick how can anybody do that. This c**t is full of drd’s and lets her kitty cat lick her titles how nasty. She even lets her dog f**k her and it licks her p***y clean, She won’t date anyone her age and she will only date older men and johns. she gives up that stank pu55y she gets her bottles and drugs and Shes really nasty. Stay away from this stank b***h.

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