Sarah Cox – Winnipeg, Canada

drugged out floozy with the hideous massive forehead is Sarah C*x. (her last name though LOL, fits.) She tries to pretend she isn’t a floozy by working odd part time jobs but in reality she’s a dirty drd filled floozy. Not surprising since her mom was (IS?) a floozy LOL. The saddest part about this ugly loser b***h is that she litters her Facebook with memes and quotes about how she’s different than other girls LOL. B***h, ugly, moronic delusional b*****s like you are a dime a dozen. How do you know a dumb b***h is just another dumb sloot? When she posts quotes about how she is deep or enlightened or different than other girls. Yawn. This ugly b***h with the huge forehead goes for 40 bucks for a full round and 30 for a bj. I don’t know how she shows her face in public and if her mother was smart she would’ve smothered her with a pillow when she was young to save them the shame…and Sarah’s mother’s mother should have done the same! LOL. Sarah…you’re trash and you always will be. Know this, people in your own circle that smile and hug you think you’re trash and joke behind your back. You’re the joke of Winnipeg and nothing will change that you ugly huge foreheaded floozy.

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