Sana And Alina Wadiwali – Toronto, Canada

These tranny toucan sam looking twins just came to Canada and they’ve been spreading their drds wherever they can. You can get them both for a price that really isn’t too high if they’re trashed at the end of the night (which is basically every night). Trashy and shameless not to mention they both smell equally sweaty and fishy. Look out for sana wadiwali and Alina wadiwali

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  1. These girls came onto the club scene about 3-years ago when they did a performance art bit where they were handcuffed together on stage and had to slowly undress each other. Every time a piece of clothing got removed, they did a shot and had a drink. Alina did fine, but Sana, who had skipped lunch, was really feeling the shots burn their way through her and wanted to shed her clothes faster to cool down. The finale was drinking a shot from each others belly button. All went as planned until, Sana, feeling like she was on fire, tried to stand and run to the lady’s room. She got up, stumbled forward and as the crowd reached to keep her from falling on her face (she was still cuffed to Alina), she reached the end of the chain and spewed the nights drinks into the crowd. The whole thing was filmed on an iphone and was uploaded to youtube. Both girls refuse to go back to that club together or separately.

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