Samantha Johnson — Medicinehat, Canada

Do not trust this pos aish vitcim lies cheats steals from her own family has every DRD out there x floozy do not let her into your home theres a reason she doesn’t have her child stay away

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  1. Wish I’d seen this post earlier!
    Samantha just left my house and we were a little bit physical, let me explain –
    She came up to me on the street in front of a salon and was crying. She explained that she was supposed to hook up with some friends later that night and she had locked herself out of her apartment and her roomate didn’t get home for another 3 1/2 hours. Plus she had missed the last appointment of the day to get her hair done. I offered to let her wait at my place about two blocks away. We hung out for awhile as she unfolded details about herself and kept wishing her rooomate could be contacted. This wasn’t possible due to the roomie working in a refrigerated box for a grocery distribution plant. She calmed down after awhile and even asked if she could wash her hair while she waited. I got her a towel and actually even helped her dry the back of her head. I was curious and just wanted to feel the braids which she didn’t undue, just washed her hair with braids still in. I drew the line when she wanted to take the towel and return it another time. No way!

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