Paul Tascona — Winnipeg, Canada

While meeting with Paul Tascona on a business merger consultation, my husband phoned to say he was running about 15-20 minutes late. My daughter was with me because her school was on the way and I was multi-tasking. While on the phone, I observed him trying to engage her in conversation. It’s hard because, other than with her boyfriend, she rarely communicates with anyone (even her parents and little brother) if it’s not via text. She got up and moved toward me immediately when this attorney sat down next to her and put his hand on her knee. I didn’t see him touch her but I noticed him looking at her b**t when I looked up to see her quickly cross from her seat over to me. The look on her face was pained, like she’d just been groped by Harvey Weinstein and wanted me to bear witness to the pervert move that had just happened. Paul Tascona acted like nothing had happened and I knew instinctively that he had just come on to my teenaged daughter, a minor, and half his age. I didn’t get the details until we left his office but, suffice it to say that Paul is a potential rapist. Needless to say, we found another attorney. I give my daughter credit for not slapping this nasty, cheating man in the face when he asked her if she was a virgin while I was in his office with a phone to my ear, speaking with my husband about hiring this perverted lawyer to handle a case for our family. My husband didn’t find out until later, fortunately, things could have gotten very ugly, quickly. I later found out that Paul is not a first time offender, his name is all over the internet if you google him. I wouldn’t recommend him for anything but jail, however, my daughter didn’t want to go through the publicity and embarrassment of reporting him to the police. Women beware, this lawyer is extremely creepy!

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  1. Typical creep, thinks he has carte blanche when it comes to his own sketchy behavior. Has he been reported for illegal activity in the past? Nothing usually happens in these cases and groping is hard to prove, especially when the mother was in the same room when it happened. Best not to put a young girl through the embarrassment and his lying accusations.

  2. This is a horrible post to destroy a guy!
    It’s very obvious that this is from a jilted lover who is still angry!

    Lady none of what you have written is true. Anyone with common sense can see through this B.S

    Move on!

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