Monique Sus – Calgary, Canada

this nasty b***h has been a huge s***k since she was 15. She’s slept with almost every guy in cochrane and calgary. She has so many drds and has passed them onto multiple friends of mine. She has a boyfriend but you can catch her cheating on him for $20 and a corona. She’s extremely snobby and thinks her s**t don’t stink. She thinks she’s top s**t and walks around with her nose in the air. All she does is talk about herself. I’ve had a go with her and let me tell you, this girl is a star fish. She just lays there not to mention her pu55y looks mangled and smells like fish and yeast, YUCK! This b***h needs to be locked in a cage. You can catch her at Commonwealth on Wednesday’s. Dirty hoe loves the attention and will try to f*k your boyfriend. CALGARY BEWARE

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