Michelle Duchek — Regina, Canada

Michelle Duchek this chick is such a peach as a woman and mother, she is so bad she lost her 2 older kids to their fathers while her youngest a toddler is still at home with her in real danger, Cps needs to be contacted on her to checks her baby’s safety, please. All her fun is done while her husband is at work but he is just as guilty because he has to know what she is doing, How does he not know or he is just plum done. Pepsi and men and drugs were and always will be more important to her then her husband and her children what a piece of s**t.

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  1. She prolbly want more kids and he all the time workin. At times she prolbly want to just practice makin the babies, get her swerve on like all young h***y girls. she wants her cake and him to eat it to.

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