Mandy Sidhu – Vancouver, Canada

This is Mandy Sidhu. She constantly talks about ‘getting the bag’ but what exactly is it you do for a living Mandy? It seems like all your b*m a*5 does is sit around, smoke weed, and promote your code for your local weed shop. Also, not sure if you were aware of this Mandy, but you’re not black, stop using the word ‘n***a’. You’re brown. You’re Hindu. Why is ‘n***a’ in every single sentence that comes out of your mouth? Maybe it’s because you’re uneducated, so let me enlighten you real quick: unless you’re African-American, the word ‘n****r’ should not be escaping your lips you fuking idiot. Have some respect. Get a job, read a book, put the weed down, and maybe you’ll learn right from wrong, you racist piece of s**t. Shoutout to this hair salon for calling you out lmao

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  1. I would have placed those kisses a little lower just for thematic significance. Mandy Sidhu is trying to start a clickbait business but can’t quite get it off the ground. She “works” out of a salon in Vancouver, Canada, yet mostly smokes samples and styles less often. She’s always clicking on links or flicking that Bic. She knows what she likes and wants to be a success, she’s always telling anyone who will listen about her internet business ideas – between tokes.

  2. Mandy Sidhu – Vancouver, Canada wants to know what you guys think, she’s taking an informal poll. Do you think she should get a b**b job? Her boyfriend says he thinks she’s just fine but she’s heard that bigger is better and she knows she might be looking for a new boyfriend soon. Brian just tells her what he thinks she wants to hear and she likes her man to be a lot more dominant. She wants to hear from you men, especially the manly men.
    Her new internet service will be activated tomorrow. Just leave comments here until she gets it up and running. The old service was just so slow, not enough to stream netflix.

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