Lydia Shingoose — Winnipeg, Canada

Lydia Shingoose lost her boyfriend because she is Floozy that cheats on her boyfriend with other dudes. He is a very nice guy. After he was with Lydia and he found texts on her phone that she was talking dirty to others guys and sending naked photos of her a*s and her p***y to other guys. My Ex-boyfriend got std from this floozy. She is on crack cocaïne very bad, She needs to get herself clean and get some help before it’s too late. Two weeks ago she got busted by her boyfriend send nudes to under age guys on Xbox and PlayStation. The week before that he busted her doing the very same thing on facebook. She is also a female hater. She hates all females because she said because they only want to f*k her man. Why should she care because she cheats on her boyfriend

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