Liz Lockwood – Vancouver, Canada

Meet Liz. She’s been on here before, but this is a new post about her based on her mommy skills, or lack there of. Liz loves to party and leave her daughter alone for several hours, she loves to work part time as a floozy and justifies it as being a #bossmom. Liz loves to spread her legs and her DRD’s for the sake of being “single.” Liz loves to cozy up to Jeff but also text her ex’s. Liz loves to be Liz, a heartless, callus and unattractive classless thot. Grow up. You’re both losers.

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  1. This picture shows Liz just before she got lit up and had the cigarette cherry fall between her b*****s. That fired her up, and the crowd of men at the club who looked on in awe went wild, some just wanting to see her jiggle while others were all over her, trying to feel for and extinguish her little fire. It was a scene, kinda like watching Elaine, from Seinfeld, when she danced. Her shirt smoked a little and someone remarked that it was kind of like a mini wet T-shirt event.

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