Lexi Martin — Winnipeg, Canada

This c**t her name is Lexi Martin was seeing my man, I hope she is happy because she now has DRD’S and since she gave him b******b’s so you know it’s going to be all over her mouth too and her p***y gross. I found out about her by finding her phone in my ex’s car, Yes since he slept with her he is now my ex. This b***h says she doesn’t do drugs ok if she don’t then why did she overdose on heroin and meth last month. On top of all this bullshit she is doing she pretends to be a wonderful student. Just please be safe around her, She hurts you here is all her info 135 bannerman unit 1 or 11 so guys just wrap it up if ur paying for her services u can get her on a discount! Lol, She even goes by Brittany on leolist.

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