Laurie Lyn — Toronto, Ontario

This crazy chick is on her third set of fake b***s and thinks she’s gods gift ha funny. She is so messed up that her child got took by csb the child will be a lot safer now prayers have been answered g*d is good. We used to talk and hang out but my shows have more sense then she does what about that. All she does is drugs and her drinks and fights what a shame. She even thinks she should get a mother of the year award haha NOT! I can’t remember his name but her son was left home a lot, She thinks she’s hot because of her new man, but guess what everyone has slept with sean honey and I mean everyone! It’s called karma nice huh. Her boyfriend is a cop who’s money goes to his ex and his daughter she thought she was a hot thing but all his money goes to his ex and child oh no there’s no money for her.

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