Laura Bee — Winnipeg, Canada

Laura Bee is a small-time Huzzy. She thinks that she is G*d’s Gift to all men. She thinks she’s sexy and her s**t don’t stink. I got with her and dated her for about a year and a half, omg she eats $350 worth of food a week. She’s rarely broke me put me in the poor house. She even calls the paramedics twice a week every time she breaks a sweat so she can go there and eat that’s the only reason why she goes to the hospital. There was one time she called me from the hospital and told me I need to get out to the hospital to see her as soon as possible because she said she had a really bad heart attack, I rushed out there to see her that’s when the doctors said that she did not have a heart attack she had the bad case of the diarrhea. She has embarrassed me and humiliated me. you can’t believe a word that comes out of this woman’s mouth. She believes her own lies. I work 8 hours a day busting my a*s and it takes all my money just to keep this woman in food. She has screwed my neighbor across the hall. From the time I’ve dated her and busted her in the ACT cheating on me three times. this is not going to happen to me again so I ended the relationship the next person that goes out with her finds this report and then they don’t know to waste their time with this thing

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