Lacey Marie Freeman — Winnipeg, Canada

This hoe doesn’t realize she shouldn’t have ANY more children to add to foster homes! Are you going to have to do tests again to check who’s this one is from too?! Heard you got the doors closed in Toronto cause you’re a ghetto hoe not an floozy the cheap ugly tattoos don’t help….pfff. You used to at least try and dress the part a few years ago……now you can’t even afford your own socks and underwear and ask your johns to help. Ya your guy(?) is a real stand up dumb a*5, likes to slap you around, f*k up all your s**t and leave you homeless. Nice!

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  1. Lacey is not my real name ha ha and I don’t wear panties b***h
    comando all the way saves time and no need to warsh them out
    I live in motels and dont even wash my own sheets b*****s like u does my washingg and cleaning for me
    Im a fashion model and my porfolio is growing and I already have a agent in Toronto whos working for me right now
    My pictures are seling good I dont date hardly at all anymore so there

  2. These dumbass o’s look like they ran a stop sign, hit a live wire pole and got caught up straight in the the crime scene and got caught red handed lol which floozy thought this would make them look hot?

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