Kylie Johnson — Winnipeg, Canada

If you see Kylie Johnson run as fast as you can for the hills, She is a cvm giver and smeels just like a dumbster, And she done f****d the entire staff where we work and you can’t get no worse then that. Hey stinky a*s don’t even f*****g shower or brush her teeth how f*****g sick. She is so grimey that she has baldspots all in her hair and loves to try to take your man until he is broke and then she drops them before you can whip her a*s. Don’t trust this c**t she ain’t s**t but a stinky smelly w***e and alway’s will be.

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  1. Kylie said next and one guy blew a load in her hair, she had a line going and she was the bukake girl making the line go away. This dude had been slow stroking for about ten minutes and finally had to let it fly. She never missed a lick and was already shot up with j**z from the dozen she had already sucked off. 8 more cheaters to go, not counting the one who shot off early. I already had my turn.

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