Kelsea Ottman – Ottawa, Canada

This woman used to be so beautiful in her younger days now look at her all they bbcs and creampies have changed her. She has cheated on me for the last 4 years of our relationship which we have been together for 5 years soon. Yeah lol she tripping she got addicted to Xanax and then went further to meth then on to heroin and now she’s using fatal it crushes my heart but I have put her through rehab more than once. I have tried for years to help her to save her and our relationship and nothing has worked nothing at all. I have tried rehab I’ve tried having her put in a hospital everything she OD last year n they had to bring her back with Narcan it killed me and I told her it was the drugs and other man or me and sobriety and she chose them and drugs and now she has contracted a drds and it hurts because now even if I wanted to I can’t get back with her.

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  1. She likes to dance on dicks and pretend she still got it. Truth is Kelsea needs to be f****d up on pepsi to perform. She had so many c***s in her holes over the last few years that she wished she had taken names. She doesn’t care about cheating with anyone and just needs more pepsi, it makes her want to dance and have an orgy.

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