Kelina Dawn — Chilliwack, Canada

Well Kelina was an extremely incredible companion.. or then again so I thought. That is before I discovered her sucking my sweethearts c**k for a lousy joint. I generally thought break slore and meth heads just sold their bodies, yet nope Kelina will spread her a*5 wide open for a joint of B review kush. What’s I’m truly not certain what’s more terrible, the reality she considers herself an extraordinary mother while she takes it in the a*5 by arbitrary men while her child is at school, the reality she has drds and doesn’t tell anybody she f**s or the new, she gets a kick out of the chance to call police. Gets her self associated with circumstances. Dropping folks names, even has hooligan life tatted over her feet, yet she rapidly grabs the telephone and drops false charges since one of her different exes discovered her slamming all the more then one miscreant chilliwack Tony the Tiger wanna be weed merchants and got frantic. Well done Kelina, what number a greater amount of your companions would you say you will lose? Keep in mind folks, if u have required her guiltless look and lies, go complete your blood work, and if u were one of only a handful few to f*k her while her child was sleeping. Keep in mind you were not the first of the day. Brought up in Chilliwack so o can just envision the all out number of pig agriculturists she’s drawn off for an insect.

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