Katy Starrett — Princegeorge, Canada

White trash gone wrong, this is Katie aka the the trailerpark slore, who will suck d**k for H or really type of drug. She don’t even care the she looks like a 3 yr old drew on her face. I’ve never seen such a loser. She only hangs out with men cause she likes to get passed around like dirty rags this s***k is punched and needs to lay off the drugs cause Katie hunni your ugly from the inside out. Nothing’s gunna be able to fix that…. Hallowe’ens over Painted slore. Lose the mask

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  1. Katy works in a costume store and you know that Slim. You’re just jealous because she told you The Barney outfit you wanted to buy made your b**t look fat. You wanted it because her ex boyfriend had one just like it and you knew you didn’t have a chance with this top-selling costume clerk. try the tweety bird on, it might fit you better and you can then coo to another bird

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