Katie Porter — Ottawa, Canada

Supergirl flew into the party a few jet packs over the speed limit and definitely stoned out of her super gourd. She crash landed and woke up with a married cheater in her bed. Katie Porter didn’t recognize him but he said they had super nasty s*x and he asked her to promise she wouldn’t tell his wife, help save his cheating a*s. She agreed, didn’t remember anything, anyway, but she is a superZero and only causes drama when she remembers what happened. She scratched her puss and licked her fingers like she saw catwoman do when thay were drinking in the bar. Purrrr, she loves superZeros.

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  1. Superheros are all the rage, lately. Katie is just riding the marketing coattails of the popular box office flicks on the big screen. She’s started dabbling in homemade p***o movies but is struggling for attention, there are so many whores online these days and she mostly goes unnoticed. It’s like she’s flying under the radar, hoping for a few cheaters and some likes.

  2. This nasty sloot is all dressed down and has nowhere to go, she’s tired of cheating with lying married men and just wants to do drugs and fly solo before crash landing.

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