Karine Tremblay — Ontario, Canada

The first time Karine f****d him was in high school. The last time she f****d him was when she hooked up with him in her bed, after finding him on Facebook, after he had moved on and gotten married and had three kids. Karine has special needs, seems incapable of leaving him to his family and finding someone not taken. He tried, but she pursued him and now he’s extra sneaky, caves to her special need of having him cheat on his wife to be with her and catch her drd’s. He passed that something special to his wife and Karine is still needy, she’s special in the POS category. She says she can’t work and now he has to pay her for p***y, along with a bunch of other guys who pay her for the same used and nasty p***y. She’s a special w***e and a regular s**t. She still doesn’t work and has raised her prices.

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