Kaliegh Leiss — Winnipeg, Canada

She was having an affair with my husband for years. This floozy has no problems and no shame in her game in hooking up with your husband and tearing your families apart. All you have to is take a look at this floozy. She flirts with anything that walks. This overweight floozy with no a*s has B.O. So bad she smells worst then carp, be on the lookout for this woman of Canada! She is one with no respect for any woman’s husband. She can’t be faithful to save her life. This woman cheats on every man she manages to be with! Now you’ve been warned about this S**t!

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  1. I work hard for a living and stink a little too. I wouldn’t mind the smell if she would just perfume her pits and and put on clean panties. Or we could shower together and I will wash her back. She kinda looks like taylor swift without the skeleton legs. I like her.

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