Kahlan Burbank — Ottawa, Canada

This weirdo is convinced that she is a spa and tanning queen yeah ok keep dreaming Kahlan. This sick a*s pervert is dating a 17-year-old young man. If you offer her a free ride and a pack of cigs she will let you take her all the way and you will get one h**l of a b*****b, She will suck you so good that you won’t have any juice left in your d**k. She loves to go places and shoot up whatever crack other whatever drug she can get her hands on.

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  1. Kahlan gets too f****d up sometimes and wets herself. She’s always having to change and wants to change, she doesn’t want to be a drug s**t anymore and is dating a 17-year old, hoping he can save her from her cheating ways. He saw her p**s herself and now she’s feeling insecure and he’s thinking she needs a diaper.

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