Julia Ford — Nova Scotia, Canada

This girl is wild in even sense of the word, She will take advantage of you to get what she wants and that is your attention that’s it. She plays sweet and innocent until she gets what she wants, She doesn’t even care if you are married or not. The only thing this c**t cares about is her happiness and what she wants that’s all. Don’t be fooled and sucked in by her good looks and her sweet nature, It’s a big as lie she has too much venom to be sweet protect yourselves please. They will steal your money and give you AID’S and DRD’S and whatever else they have and there’s no cure to guard yourselves. You will not have a long lasting life messing with this woman, So date this c**t at your own risk you will catch AIDS and the CLAP from her. So be on the lookout for her.

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