Jessica Wellar — Vancouver, Canada

This cheating floozy met me in the back yard of a house that I was watching for a friend who was out of town. She stays high on meth. I was watering the flowers and she said she was like a plant, needed watering and talking to, she was thirsty. She didn’t mean the water hose, she meant my man hose. She got p****d off when I got some in her hair. Crazy b***h!

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  1. This is not true. I know Jessica and have defended her case on other sites. An ex was trying to get revenge by destroying her name. Jessica never cheated before and she is not thirsty especially for strangers. Jessica comes from a good family and has proper etiquette. She would never behave as described.

  2. I am Jessica’s ex Nathan. I just found out about this “cheaters site”. Who ever wrote this is obviously in cahoots with the dirty and the lawyers to make more money for the removal of posts. I did not write this. We are actually friends and I have no reason what so ever to write these things at this time in my life. Jessica is a bright intelligent human whom I respect greatly. Who ever the scum bag is that wrote this, watch your back. You have no idea who you’ve just f****d with. Ponder that and worry you p***k.

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