Jess Harvey – Regina, Canada

This c**t is so nasty she will screw anything that moves human or animals creepy s**t. Her p***y smelt so bad that it stunk up the whole Regina area I don’t understand how any one can stink like that. This crazy c**t even loves to stink as bad as fish and also love’s spreading her DRD’S to everyone she can woman or men. Then I find out this nasty c**t with DRD’S is a Social Worker from the Regina area wow I hope she is not alone with all the children having all the nasty stuff she has she could give it to the children. She keeps going on like she is you will have to put a bag over her nasty face before you will even be able to do anything with her d**n. This stupid b***h took a video of herself doing sexual things with men and then animals I mean gross. She will even get sloppy drunk and go outside yelling trying to give her stinky a*s and stinky p***y away to anyone who will want it. Jess Harvey watch out because no woman is ever going to trust you around their man with your nasty DRD juice’s anymore ever again B***h!!

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