Jenny Cameron — Winnipeg, Canada

This little floozy Jenny became obvious when I heard she was living with my closest companions ex. While her pepsi merchant abbusive sweethearts in prison she has nobody to swing to however the person she’s known as long as she can remember who knows would get her into his home a heart beat. (Two medication someone who is addicted washouts living respectively, what do you think occurred?). Try not to go informing individuals you don’t know talking smack when you’re out there mooching drugs and a place to live off from somebody’s ongoing ex. You body shop young ladies are the greatest sloots around. Your poor tyke.

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  1. I hear she got kicked out of last place for bringing bugs in to his place. She said it wasnt her but he says he never had creepy crawlies before she got there and she did move in with bags of dirty laundry and they sat in kitchen for a week before she get off her a*s out of bed and do the washing. After that he start seeing things running under the stove and he couldnt kill them fast enough. He had to borrow money from his mom to get rid of them and all her s**t to. Nasty f****n ho’s.

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