Janelle Jacobson — Vancouver, Canada

I have a 5-year-old son and 4 month-year-old daughters and I just found out 2 months ago my girlfriend Janelle Jacobson was having an affair so I asked for a blood test and the baby yes indeed came back to be mine, but she had the nerve to bash me on my facebook and Instagram calling me a deadbeat dad saying I asked for a blood test. I sure the f**k did b***h. I found out your a cheater and a liar so I left you and before I get put on child support they would have done it anyway. so don’t bash me any man or woman would have done the same thing. You are the liar you’re the cheater. Your the one who ruined our family the one who contracted an std and lost custody of your kids and our house you will never be welcome back have Dan take care of you.

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