Jacob Juarez — Calgary, Alberta

This man is a con artist he had me believing he loved me for 2 years then come to find out he’s been cheating the whole time into our relationship. I found out he had s*x with my family members my sisters my cousin he’s f****d my best friend. He is a complete womanizer and manipulator. He is the real definition of scum. How can you tell a woman that you are not with me and how can you tell a woman you are single when you have me waiting on you at home. A girl who loves you and cares about you a girl who has supper cooked for you when you get home a girl who has s*x with you anytime you want it. a girl who does whatever you say how could you lose that for a hoe for a woman who has more body then I have fingers and toes like its disgusting this is the only man I have ever loved the only man I feel like I will never love but I hope it’s not that way.

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