Hailey Beaudry — Prince albert, Canada

Let me tell you about this nasty cheating a*s b***h, She has dated one of my best homies for a year now, And has been cheating on him the whole time and he doesn’t deserve it. My homie has been so good to her and for her to hurt him like that, She will even threaten to come to your house at 2 and 3 am, She is just a meth head among other things. She will call and brag about being in rehab and she’s sober but guess what wrong it’s a lie 100%. Everyone has tried to tell my homie the truth, From his sister and family to me but he won’t listen he’s too blinded by her love and fake promises. She lives at home with her parents she doesn’t help them with house chores or anything all she uses their house for is to do her meth. She loves to start s**t to get you to fight her but honey I got news for you No one wanted to fight you because you’re not worth wasting time on. You belong in a psychiatric ward for troubled youth.

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