Derica Mercer — Red Deer, Canada

This woman is a real floozy. Your coming, if you come into contact with her. Because she’s after your hubby. She’s trying to find her a man so she can get pregnant. This floozy is on crystal meth and all kinds of other drugs. She let five guys get her in her a****** for a line of coke. It’s sad and it’s a d**n shame. Kids have to go through this. Her own fiance is so retarded he doesn’t even see any of this going on. The girl is so nasty and so dirty. If you ever go to her bathroom you’ll see what I’m talking about she has her underwear and pants and dirty underwear laying in the floor on top of the heat vents blood stains in her panties and p**p stains. This girl just doesn’t know how to clean house. You ever see this girl lock up your husband’s boyfriend’s brother’s uncles and grandpas because she aims to please

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