Courtney Schranz — Toronto, Canada

This psycho is a sociopath narcissist and pathological liar. She used to be flown to nyc where she slored herself and went for trips with men who paid for her extra curricular activities. She fuked two guys I know who had the pocket change to score. She lies lies lies about everything and makes fun of girls who are thin and pretty. What a sad existence. She’s p****d of the wrong person. Last I heard she was in real estate. Now she’s a life coach. Who wants to learn about life from some born again tramp?

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  1. That’s her 2nd cousin in the picture with her, they took this on a retreat that he talked her into attending. She made good progress for a short while after the picture was taken bu, eventually, she drifted off to sleep during a boring sermon and was asked to leave the church LadyBsaved, and hasn’t been back in two or more months. They are now asking her to pay back the money they spent on her for the retreeat. So far, she hasn;t responded to their emails.

  2. Someone seems to know Courtney’s every move, her flight schedule almost, her work itinerary when she hasn’t even been around, her likes, dislikes, etc. Dis we just hear from her stalker? An ex? Her jealous cousin? Someone would like to hear something about/from her?
    This could be the opening scene for a new horror flick…..

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