Clerissa Patten Exposed

Fake depression, real sociopathy. Clerissa Patten is a freak with severe mental issues. Her entire Facebook page is posts about drugs, depression and how bipolar she is. We can’t differentiate between her and a child on Tumblr.

One quick look at her friends list shows well known drug traffickers, street addicts and former convicts and she still thinks people believe her when she denies who she is. She blames her parents for all of her problems even though she is the exact same person but worse. She trivializes and romanticizes mental illness on Facebook for attention and is a perpetual victim. Now she’s running around claiming to have PTSD on top of her depression, bipolar disorder, manic disorder and anxiety disorder for even more attention. This girl will do anything to fit in with the crowd and can’t make decisions without approval from others.

She sent several gang members after her exes, even placing a hit on one of them, and had her ex assaulted by gang members at her request on more than one occasion. Chilliwack eventually caught up to her act and distanced themselves from her. She now spends her time crying on the internet and posting memes about how the world is conspiring against her.

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