Chris Woyce — Barrie, Canada

Don’t believe a word this lying a****** has to say. He will tell you anything he thinks you want to hear. He told me his daughter wanted me to be her step mom. He will bring you around his family and daughter so don’t feel special when he does that. He even let me play with his daughter while he worked out. He doesn’t care about your mental health and clearly not his daughters if he is introducing you to her. I was told he loves me and can’t see his life without me only to be tossed aside for someone else that works for the school board. I really don’t know how his ex did it for 12 years. I was with him a year and a bit and that was enough of a headache. Oh well to Kianna I wish you the best he’s been sleeping with me for a year. He was with me on Sunday of January 27,2019. He’s cheating on you too. Hope the two of you are happy.

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