Chris Cogswell – Canada

as lied to everrrryyyonnneee, he is a coke dealer, and beats women. Any bruises or bumps women that have been seen with him are most likely from a Coked out s*x binge where he beat the women senseless until they are numb. Be careful not to stub your toe this ex meat head who now looks like a old milk bag. He can’t keep his d**k in his pants and infected the lives of many women without them knowing .All those steroids shrivelled his b***s and he ain’t no man anymore just a a blob that sells cocaine to strippers . He is a manipulating cheater and you are bound to catch something from the dirty needles he uses to shoot up heroin with . This guy is despicable.

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  1. Chris and I snuck into a strip joint after the place had closed, probably around 4:30a.m on a saturday night. he knew the little window went into the ladies restroom. I was reluctant at first but the whole area seemed deserted and I wanted to get some more beer after everything in the neighborhood had closed already. He had stashed some pipe cleaners inside, he said, and needed to grab the before the club reopened in the early evening. I was already a little buzzed or I probably wouldn’t have followed him inside. I never saw what he got other than two sixes of Molsen and a bottle of Candian Mist, a fifth. We dropped one of the bottles trying to get back out the window so then realized that we could just use the door. The restroom had a bunch of used condoms hanging from the rim of the trashcan and Chris just kicked it over and we ran. I didn’t know he was a junkie.

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