Chelsea — Regina, Canada

This b***h asks for money before dating and steals it before you ever do something. She makes drama that she left her phone in the car so when she goes out to look for it and runs ways with her pimp. One of my friend who dated her for one minutes said that he go DRD from her. Please watch out this b***h is DIRTY AND SHE WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY.

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  1. Chelsea isn’t really a w***e but is playing one part time due to DRD she has contracted. She doesn’t want to continue spreading the disease but lacks money for the cure. She’s had it rough lately, her pimp is an addict and when he’s nodding she’s out shoplifting new underwear, bikinis’ and bras. She keeps leaving hers in cars and motel rooms. It gets cold in Regina and she doesn’t like that frigid blast of wind under her skirt, it makes her feel naked. She’s heard about crowdfunding but is so busy with tricks and getting dope for Cedric that she usually just falls asllep most nights with the tv on and watching him drool on the bed. It’s sad. She’s still thinking there might be hope, can you help?

  2. Chelsea, start selling the pictures of you in the stolen underwear, bras and bathing suits, but hide the money from you pimp. You can hide the money in hes work boots, he’ll never think to look there! When you save up a liitle, you can buy coat.

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