Catharine Stratton – North Bay, Ontario

Don’t let her sexy looks fool you. Cat is a drug smoker (crack, dipper, and weed) She don’t work and want work and she stole my rent money numerous times and I found out that she will just still anything. She stoled my faircard and a cell phone and sold it. My Ex used my kids and my personals (wash cloths, toothbrush, razor, socks and clothes). She took my pants in them and never washed them. My Ex also have no control over her bowles. She want do any house work but she would lay anywhere she can for free. She have very poor eating habits (fired chicken, steak, porkchops and cheese). She have two children that she dont support. She is also a habitual liar that cheater, and steals, from men. Please Dont Date Catharine Stratton you will regret it.

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  1. I smoked some crack and looked at her picture. Her head look to small for her hair. Cat was in other room and came to see he picture and said she do all the housework and you don’t buy her personals and make her eat chicken and steak and lamb chops and fish all the time. She want chips and cookies and pizza and ice cream and candy once in a while. She said it all your fault and ask me if she can earn some money for pepsi.

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